Melissa Henderson

Melissa graduated with an Associate’s of Arts Degree in Interior Design from Bauder College.  Melissa started her career 16 years ago doing high end law firm design.   During the first few years of her career she fell in love with the documentation and technical side of design. During that time, she developed herself into a BIM/ CADD manager role, creating drawing standards for implementation used throughout the firm.  This role eventually allowed her to land a job at a firm in DC working with the State Department designing embassy’s.  Eventually Melissa found herself moving back to Atlanta and working as a Hospitality Designer on the documentation/Revit side of things.  Her experience has allowed her to work and manage a variety of project types including, high end law firms, United States Embassy’s, High end Childcare facility, a variety of hotel projects ranging from luxury to upscale, senior living and condominium hotel projects.

Melissa loves to understand and document the vision of her team into a comprehensive, complete design statement that comes to life 3 dimensionally.  While doing this she freely gives her talent, humor, patience, attention to detail and commitment to her team and her clients.