Cara Brochin

Cara is an Indiana University graduate who was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia.

It was in early grade school when her love for three-dimensional design began. Through ceramics, sculpting, pottery and even jewelry making; Cara has always been infatuated by the concept of void space and creating three dimensional designs using various materials of different scales and size. Through many art programs, classes and mentors Cara was introduced to Interior Design, where interior spaces became the canvas for her three-dimensional designs. Her creative drive and love for numbers lead Cara to pursue an education in Interior Design and minor in Finance. Her unique approach on traditional design as well as financial literacy give Cara a unique skill set that enable her to take projects to the next level.

As Project Coordinator, Cara assists the project manager and director in all phases of design including conceptual, space planning, construction documents, construction administration and renderings. She is also responsible for meeting with clients and industry professionals during each design phase to ensure a successful project.

During Cara’s career she has worked on a wide range of projects from Healthcare, Corporate, Hospitality and Retail design.