“The interior designer is the mechanism that brings the clients’ goals and objectives to fruition. It is up to me to sharpen their vision and communicate it to the design team in a fashion that together we create a design that exceeds client expectation. It is a collaborative effort between client and designer. Success is about relationship and ultimately building client trust that we will deliver.”

Over a 40-year career, Susan has vast experience in workplace design, high profile municipal and senior housing design. Susan built her career with some of the most admired architectural firms in the country. Her organizational and management skills are invaluable to our projects. She and her team dovetail in very well with our architectural and engineering partners on large complex projects. She lends her skills to our residential affiliated firm to manage international projects when required. Susan is a leader in our studio mentoring young designers. Susan is timeless in large part because she learns from those she mentors. Working with Susan is a true partnership and a pleasurable experience.

Susan is originally from Chicago where she attended Harrington Institute of Interior Design. She has worked professionally in Chicago, DC and Atlanta. Susan is a very companionate person with a true sense of adventure and passionate design sense. She enjoys adventures with her husband and son. Her love for Jack Russell Terriers is infectious.